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What is a Resume (CV) ?

The CV is a medium for precise information about your identity, your education and your knowledge in terms of know-how. Its purpose is to make you better known and to draw attention to your application among the many others.


What does it look like ?

A good resume is made up of five parts :

1. Identification: "Who am I ?

In this section, give your full name, date of birth, marital status, full address with a contact person if possible (telephone, fax, or specify the name of your contact to whom the message will be left).


2. Teaser :
These are the major points of the resume (the job, the duration of work experience and other assets such as bilingualism, mastery of some computer software, etc.).

3. Training: « what I have learned »

This paragraph concerns :

Academic, technical and vocational training (start with the latest diplomas), internships (internal and external), additional knowledge.

 4. Work experience: « what I have done »

Mention here the name and location of the companies (institutions or other organisations) in which you worked, specifying the dates of entry and exit (starting with the latest jobs).

For each, specify the job title and its content: activities performed – sector of practical experience - responsibilities (if any).

For first-time jobseekers, this section could be replaced by Work placements, if you have done them. It is important to relate the tasks performed during these internships to the job sought.


5. Other matters : « Your asset »

In this section you should list everything that can favourably influence the employer, value your image and increase your chances of getting a job (cultural activities, sports activities, work research, publications, travel and leisure activities, driving licence).

Note: Take care of the form, dig deep into the content, because if a well presented resume does not necessarily get you the job you are looking for, a bad one on the other hand will doom you (here is an example of a resume).


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