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What is a cover letter ?

The cover letter, very often called a job application, is a means by which you come into contact with the recruiter.
It should enable the company to answer two questions :

  • What does this candidate bring to the table ?
  • Can I trust him/her ?

It should also highlight your motivations, your strong points, allowing a link between the company, the desired position and you.


How do you present yourself ?

There are two ways to get in touch with a company when looking for a job :

  • By responding to a job advertising
  • By writing as part of the personal applications that you undertake.

In both cases, the structure of the letter remains the same. It has seven (07) parts :

  1. The preliminary information: the date on which your request is written; your full name and address; the recipient's job title and address; and finally the subject of the correspondence.
  2. The exact title of the addressee before going into the content of the letter: "Mr or Mrs Director" when it is a Director; "Mr or Mrs Director General" when it is a Director General.
  3. If it is a job offer, you should refer to it and express your interest in the position.
  4. If it is an application to a target company as a result of your own efforts, you should indicate the position you are applying for, and show your interest in the position.
  5. Your understanding of the company and its needs: present your know-how and your interpersonal skills in relation to the position offered or sought. This part aims to present your qualities and strong points in order to arouse the recruiter's interest.
  6. Your wish to meet the recruiter for further information on your profile. express your complete availability.
  7. The greeting.

Note: Never forget to sign your cover letter.

Here are two examples of cover letters:

  • Sample covering letter for an unpublished job opportunity
  • Sample cover letter for a response to a classified ad



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