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Promoting the participation of vulnerable groups in the national development process

Institutional framework


As part of the fight against social maladjustment and juvenile delinquency, the Ministry of Social Affairs (MINAS) and the National Employment Fund (NEF) signed a partnership agreement on 4 August 2006 relating to the implementation of the Programme of Support for the Social and Professional Integration and Reintegration of Vulnerable Persons (PAIRPPEV). 

The PAIRPPEV concerns vulnerable, able-bodied people of professional age. It is jointly initiated and implemented by MINAS and NEF within the framework of the provisions of Fundamental Law No. 96-6 of 18 January 1996 revising the Constitution of 2 June 1972, Law No. 83/013 of 21 July 1983 on the protection of persons with disabilities, Law No. 2010/002 of 13 April 2010 on the protection and promotion of persons with disabilities, and finally, the missions assigned to this ministerial department by Decree No. 2005/160 of 25 May 2005 on the organisation of the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

As a reminder, the NEF's main mission is to promote employment, as set out in Decree No. 90/805/PR of 27 April 1990 establishing this body.


Overall objectives

The PAIRPPEV programme aims to enable the professional integration of vulnerable populations through vocational training (learn by doing and formal) in various professions and the promotion of income-generating self-employment and microenterprise projects. 

The PAIRPPEV thus promotes the empowerment of these people, taking into consideration the fact that they too often encounter relatively greater difficulties in gaining free access to employment.

Specific objectives

  • To foster an active partnership between the Government through the Ministry in charge of Social Affairs, the NEF, civil society and vulnerable populations ;  
  • To make vulnerable populations truly autonomous and active individuals in the creation and production of national wealth;   
  • Encourage companies to join the national solidarity charter by recruiting qualified vulnerable people. 


The PAIRPPEV targets are classified into four groups :       

  • Street children ;      
  • People with disabilities ;      
  • Marginalised populations ;      
  • Victims of disasters and catastrophes.

Implementation plan

The implementation of the PAIRPPEV is divided into five main phases :

Eligibility conditions

  • Belong to one of the above-mentioned vulnerable groups ;  
  • To be identified and registered in the nearest MINAS service (Social Centres, Departmental Delegations, Provincial Delegations) and at NEF ;   
  • Have an idea for an individual or collective income-generating project (for candidates for self-employment or micro-enterprise).

Professional training

Training programmes aimed at facilitating the socio-professional integration or reintegration of vulnerable people takes into account their physical capacity, the opportunities identified on the labour market and the availability of programme resources. 

Two types of training are proposed :   

  • Formal training in approved training centres ;   
  • Learn by doing training in enterprises for qualification in the enterprises concerned.  

Training of project promoters

Promoters whose applications have been approved for financing receive short training in microenterprise management and regular coaching after their installation.

Conditions to obtain credit

  • Have a profitable project approved by the credit committee ;  
  • Personal contribution: PM;  
  • Guarantees: moral guarantor of a local personality;  
  • Age requirement: At least 15 years old and 60 years old at most ;  
  • Amount of financing: Depending on the project but not exceeding 5 million FCFA. 

Type of financing

Type of financing: Repayable loan

Interest rate


Interest rate : 2% 

Duration of the loan

 Loan period: maximum 48 months depending on the project

Deferred repayment


Deferred repayment: 02 to 06 months depending on the nature of the project



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