The NEF & Job seekers


Why ?

Knowing your market means knowing which companies may be interested by your skills.

This allows you to better orient your application, in order to ensure the chances of being called.


How can you do this ?
1. By detecting companies that have something in common with you: The sector of activity, the company's activity, etc.

Remarks: Some jobs such as secretariat work and accounting are of interest to all companies, whereas technical jobs are better suited to specific sectors. It should be noted, however, it may happen that a technician finds an opportunity in a sector other than one that matchs its profile. In this case, a lot of investigation is required to get the right information.

In any case, avoid sending out job applications any old how, you risk to receive the usual negative responses.

2. By Gathering some information that will give you an idea of how these companies operate, their hiring methods, the decision-makers, their health, etc. These information will enable you to better present your application.


Where can you find this information ?

The company directory
The directories of GICAM, the Chamber of Commerce, MECAM, etc.
Radio, television and the newspapers.

If you know people in these companies, ask them questions. You will get information that you need.


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