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Youth unemployment, especially among young graduates, is reaching dramatic proportions, with multiple social consequences. The main causes of this phenomenon are based on the following factors :

  • the small size of the economic network in the face of an ever-increasing demand for employment
  • the insufficient exploitation of potential employment opportunities in our country; and above all, the increasing demand by companies for a directly operational workforce (i.e. one that already has professional experience), in the face of a training system that is poorly adapted to the real needs of the labour market. This situation is all the more worrying when we know that nearly 70% of young people who enter the labour market have no qualifications in terms of profession.

It is in response to this concern that the NEF, as part of its "strategy and support measures for young people", has designed and developed the Graduate Employment Programme (PED) with the aim of facilitating the integration of young graduates into the production circuit, through on-the-job training.

Strategy and mechanism

The strategy of this interactive "training/pre-employment" programme is based on the sharing (50/50) between the NEF and the company of the compensation costs paid to the trainees.

The implementation procedure is very flexible and is as follows :

  1. Application by the company to join the programme;
  2. Assessment of the company's capacity to meet the objectives of the "PED".
  1. Selection of the candidate(s) from the NEF file on the basis of the profile desired by the employer. This selection is made by the company with the support of NEF Employment Counsellors ;
  2. Subscription of the "PED" contract (between the NEF, the company and the beneficiary) with a detailed training programme;
  3. Follow-up of the candidate in the company.

The young person selected for the "PED" will benefit from a 12-month training period in the company during which he or she learns a trade under the supervision of one or more tutors. Generally, the young trainee is operational before the end of this period and thus increases his or her chances of being permanently recruited by the company.

If the trainee is retained at the end of the traineeship (with an employment contract of at least two years), the NEF will contribute to the payment of half of the first three months' basic salary.


objectifObjective The "PED" is a pre-employment internship programme which aims to integrate young graduates with no professional experience into the production circuit and who are looking for a job.

More specifically, it allows :

  • the exploitation, with a view to the qualification of young graduates without a profession and/or without work experience, of the potential for professional training existing in the companies;
  • the acquisition by young graduates of practical experience, thereby enriching their curriculum vitae
  • the provision of an income for young trainees;

Thus, this programme, which falls within the framework of on-the-job training, enables the beneficiaries not only to gain qualifications but also to acquire a first experience in a company. Thus, in a context where a large proportion of graduates who enter the labour market have no profession and work experience, the " PED " appears to be an appropriate solution to meet the requirements of many companies for which, apart from qualification, work experience is considered a determining criterion for hiring.

Target population

The " PED " is intended for at young graduates of all categories, without a profession or without work experience, who are looking for a job.

To benefit from it, please visit one of our branches.

The different categories of PED and corresponding allowances

There are two categories of PED:

  1. PED I, concerning candidates with a diploma of baccalaureate level and above;
  2. PED II, concerning candidates with a diploma below baccalaureate level.

The trainee's allowances are as follows:

Bachelor degree and above 100 000 F.CFA per month
GCE A/L level and above 75 000 F.CFA per month

A transport allowance of 25,000 CFA per month for both categories of recipients is also paid by the company.

Probatoire level and GCE O/L 50 000 FCFA per month
All diplomas below GCE O/L 25 000 FCFA per month

A monthly transport allowance (of CFAF 15,000 for the probatoire and GCE O/L levels and CFAF 10,000 for levels below GCE O/L) is also paid to recipients by the company.

The benefits of the PED

The PED has significant advantages for both companies and job seekers.

For companies, we can note :

  • The answer - at lower cost - to their human resources problems: the observation of candidates during the internship period allows them to choose in a more objective and motivated way those who adapt to their requirements,
  • Increase the productivity due to the arrival of new blood in the company.

For the recipients, the following can note:

  • The acquisition of skills and work experience,
  • Integration into the production circuit,
  • The feeling of being useful in society through their contribution to the production of national wealth,
  • The acquisition of an income to satisfy their needs and ensure their independence.

In conclusion
The "PED" is now a programme to facilitate the integration of young graduates. The support of companies for this programme is growing day by day. Those who have not yet been informed should come and join us.

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