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On the 15 of December 2016, at the Reception Hall of FINI Hotel Bobende, the NEF South West branch held a sector conference on the theme: The impact of the construction and the maintenance of public works infrastructure in the Development of Cameroon

The participants included workers in different domains of construction such as civil engineers, technicians in various field like electricians, welders… Among them, some administrations like councils and Feicom who also deal in the construction of infrastructures attended the meeting.




The main objective of this meeting is to share with the professional of this sector the impact of building and maintaining infrastructures, particularly in public works, in terms of added value, know-how of staff, and standard of life in our country.
This could be made through out:

  • -    The exchange of ideas and experiences aimed at elaborating a strategic framework to improve the Civil Works sector
  • -    Create awareness on the importance of providing quality contracts to minimize maintenance schemes
  • -    To promote a higher standard of job execution in order to boost the sector and alleviate poverty.
  • -    Bring out practical resolutions and a plan of action on how to improve the sector by maintaining standards and sustainability.



To pull out some useful resolutions, the main theme has been divided in three                 


  • -    The impact of public works projects in the development of the country;
  • -     The challenges of the personnel towards in the good realization of the projects in the country;
  • -    To have a proper look at the level of maintenance attention that infrastructure within our society receives.